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I have set up this course to be as comprehensive overview on all aspects of coloured pencil drawing.  The course includes 7 levels, each with between 2–6 modules and within the modules there are several lessons.  In total, there are 100 lessons in the course.  As I said, it’s comprehensive!  You will be able to unlock each lesson once you have completed the previous one.

You will also have lifetime access to the course so there’s no need to rush.  You can go through the lessons at your own pace.  You can also go through the course more than once if you choose to!

Absolutely!  I’ve built this course to give you everything you need to learn coloured pencil drawing from the ground up.  My main goal in this course is to give you the confidence to overcome your fears about drawing with coloured pencil and teach you techniques and methods to help you complete any drawing with any reference you choose.

You will need coloured pencil tools to get the full value of this course (a coloured pencil set, drawing paper, erasers, pencil sharpening tools, etc.)  However, you do not need to have this equipment prior purchasing the course.  In fact, during the course introduction I cover all the equipment you will need to complete this course!

Yes, there are!  In levels 4-7, I focus on more advanced drawing techniques such as drawing animals (including different textures like fur or feathers), perfecting portrait drawing, and strategies for how to draw ANY reference you choose.  

Levels 1-3 of the course are coloured pencil basics.  I believe this section is valuable for experience artists as well since it never hurts to brush up on the basics, and there may be a new technique that you haven’t used before, like a new sketching or blending method!

Yes, you absolutely will!  By the end of this course, I am certain that you will be able to pick any reference of your choosing and confidently create a beautiful coloured pencil drawing from it.  This course is a culmination in my 10+ years experience mastering the art of coloured pencils and personally coaching thousands of people on how to take their art to the next level, seeing the mistakes they have made and what’s worked for them along the way. Combining what I’ve seen from others and my own experience, I’ve created a course that teach you the skills and techniques to create your own artwork in the shortest amount of time possible.


Also, while this course focuses on coloured pencil drawing, you can take the methods you learn in this course (picking perfect references, value, colour theory, etc) and apply them to other mediums.

Depending on your prior experience using coloured pencils as a medium, you may require more or less practice. 


Fortunately, through this course it will cut your learning process massively and make it so you need minimal practice – just follow the techniques and methods I show you in the course and I’m confident that you will see results right away.

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