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From the studio of Kirsty Partridge

England, UK

Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper, coloured pencil in hand, and wondered “Where do I even start?!”


Confused on which colours to choose, no idea which layer to start with, and lacking the skills to add the right textures and details.


Do you ever get frustrated with your drawings,

and give up half-way through because they look
nothing like the reference?


Wondering if you’ll ever draw something you’re proud of, thinking maybe a more expensive pencil set will do the trick.


And do you ever look at your finished pieces and think…

Why Do All My Drawings Look Cartoonish And Two-Dimensional?!

If there’s anything I’ve learned after working with nearly 20,000 artists in my premium art classes, plus the feedback I’ve gotten on over 61 Million views on YouTube…


It’s that we all go through the same struggles when it comes to mastering the art of coloured pencil drawing.


It’s a slow medium.  It requires a lot of precision and control.


And sadly, because it’s such a challenging medium (when you don’t have the tools I’m about to show you), I see way too many artists giving up because they don’t think they “have the talent.”


But what you need to realize is…

Drawing With Coloured Pencils Is
A Skillset That Anyone Can Learn!

Would you try to play the piano, and give up if it didn’t sound right on your first try?

Then why would it be any different when drawing with coloured pencils?!

And don’t tell me it’s because you can’t afford
expensive pencils…

I’ll show you how to create a super realistic drawing with a cheap 12 pencil set that you can get at your local grocery store.

Just like any other skill, drawing with coloured pencils is a skill ANYONE can master.

For example…

Do You Make These
Coloured Pencil Mistakes?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes artists make when drawing with coloured pencils:

They Don’t Have A Gameplan

When most artists start their drawings, they have no idea how to draw an accurate sketch, which colours to choose, and what layers to start and end with.

But what if I told you there was a set of questions you can ask yourself before starting your next drawing, that guarantees a beautiful piece of art?

They Don’t Understand Values

This one is huge!


When it comes to drawing a realistic image, most beginners think choosing the right colours is the most important part…


But understanding values is WAY MORE important!


Your colours can actually be quite off if your shadows are dark enough and your highlights are accurate.  I’ll show you why in the next section…

They “Finish” Their Drawings Too Early

Drawing with coloured pencils really can get stressful the more time you put into your drawing…


Because the more layers you add, the more likely you are to make a mistake and RUIN your drawing!


Which is why so many novice artists finish their drawings early, afraid to try solvents and other blending techniques that would dramatically smooth out their drawings…


And adding the right texture and details to get their drawings to pop and come to life.

If Any Of These Sound Familiar
Trust Me, You're Not Alone!

When I started my YouTube channel back in 2015, I quickly realized that my most popular videos were the ones where I broke down the HOW behind the art.


Over time, I started recording premium art tutorials – Showing step by step how I chose my colours, how I added each layer, as well as blending and sketching techniques… 


And I’ve been lucky to have over 20,000 people purchase my tutorials, where I get messages like these daily from artists who have used my tutorials to level up their skills:

“The progress speaks for itself.”

“I wanted to learn to draw but never really had the motivation. I think the progress speaks for itself in how useful Kirsty’s course has been for me.”

 – Benjamin Morley

“She has me achieving things I never thought I could possibly do!”

“I didn’t know how to get the realism that I wanted.  With Kirsty’s easy to follow instructions, my drawings vastly improved.”

 – Leslie Kaketa

But What Do You Do When You Don’t Have A Tutorial And Want To Draw Your Own Reference?!

But the more tutorials I put out, the more I started noticing a problem.


When someone purchased one of my tutorials, they were easily able to follow along with me, using the reference I chose, and creating something that looked realistic.


The challenge was when they wanted to use their own reference, 

like a picture of their family or someone’s pet…


Whenever they went off on their own, their drawings never looked realistic!


And what I’ve come to realize is…

No Art Tutorial Will Ever Give You Everything
You Need To Master Coloured Pencil Drawing

After seeing the same questions pop up again and again, as well getting countless comments on YouTube asking for help…

I’ve decided to create a comprehensive online course that distills down everything I’ve learned over the last 5+ of years teaching in my premium art tutorials.

And teach you in a visual, step by step framework, a method for drawing ANY reference you want.

So that instead of doing lots of trial and error or needing to follow along to an art tutorial…

You’ll know exactly when to add each layer, the theory behind choosing the right colours and values, and how to effortlessly draw in the details without the fear of making a mistake.

And give you the confidence to…

Pick Any Reference And Easily Turn It
Into A Realistic Drawing You’re Proud Of

Imagine having the power to pick any reference, with loads of details and complex shadows, and instead of being scared, you’re excited to draw it.


Imagine having dozens of new techniques to troubleshoot your drawings, so that even if you do make a mistake, you’ll know how to easily fix it instead of throwing your drawing away.


And imagine finally creating drawings that you’re proud of, where you can share them as gifts with your friends and family, or even take on some commissions and turn your passion into an income.



The Coloured Pencil Academy

The Most Comprehensive Coloured Pencil Drawing Course Online
Specifically Designed For Artists To Create More Realistic Drawings
(No Matter How Challenging The Reference)

But the more tutorials I put out, the more I started noticing a problem.


When someone purchased one of my tutorials, 

they were easily able to follow along with me, 

using the reference I chose, and creating 

something that looked realistic.


The challenge was when they wanted 

to use their own reference, like a picture of 

their family or someone’s pet…


Whenever they went off on their own, 

their drawings never looked realistic!


And what I’ve come to realize is…

Draw ANY Reference You Want
(And Have A Lot Of Fun Doing It!)

No matter what skill level you’re today:

  • If you’re just starting out, this course will give you the essential framework to start creating realistic drawings by the time you finish the very first section
  • If you’ve used coloured pencils before but your drawings didn’t look realistic, this course will show you how to create drawings that are as good as anything you’ve seen from the top artists on YouTube and Instagram
  • And even if you’ve been drawing with coloured pencils for years, this course will show you how to master more complicated references like animals and portraits as well as dramatically speeding up your workflow
So if you’re ready to level up your drawings today – Then click the big pink button below and join me inside The Coloured Pencil Academy!

“I honestly don’t think my artwork would have improved if I didn’t find Kirsty’s

course, as I would never have known any of the skills I now know.

 Chanelle Plant

“I joined Kirsty’s course a couple of months ago, and not only have my skills

developed, but also my confidence!”

 Kim Squires

“I honestly don’t think my artwork would have improved if I didn’t find Kirsty’s

course, as I would never have known any of the skills I now know.”

 Melanie Friedman

Here's How We'll Level Up
Your Drawings Together...

Intro: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Before we jump into the drawing, we need to first make sure you have the right mindset for success.


You’ll also learn how to setup your ideal workspace environment, so that whenever you’re ready to draw it’s an exciting and fun experience instead of a chore.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

We’ll finish the Introduction section by making sure your workspace is setup for success, with proper lighting, desk choice, and even where to place your supplies.


And finally, I’ll have you submit your latest drawing before you start the course so we can see how much better and realistic your drawings are by the end of 

the program!


Next it’s time to move onto…

Level 1: Mastering Sketches With Black And White Drawings

In Level 1 we’ll tackle two of the most important concepts for creating realistic drawings:  Proportions and Values!

And because we are just getting started with coloured pencils, we are going to start out nice and easy by drawing a human eye. No complex colours or techniques. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn along the way:

By the end of Level 1, you’ll already have a much better understanding of why some drawings look realistic, and others don’t…

With dozens of new techniques to try that will add an entirely new level of realism to your drawings.

But we won’t stop there!  Next it’s time to move onto…

Level 2: Mastering Colour Selection

Now that you’ve got a feel for the medium, it’s time to take on colour!


From picking the perfect colours to match your reference, blending and layering techniques, this Level will help you master colour theory and layering.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

By the end of Level 1, you’ll already have a much better understanding of why some drawings look realistic, and others don’t…

With dozens of new techniques to try that will add an entirely new level of realism to your drawings.

But we won’t stop there!  Next it’s time to move onto…

Level 3: From Grainy To Gorgeous (Using Solvent, Blending Techniques, And Adding Details)

When it comes to amping up the vibrancy and realism in your drawings, proper blending and adding details are KEY tools to taking your art to the next level.


Which is why Level 3 is devoted to helping you beautifully blend your colours, as well as creating the perfect “underpainting” for adding more detail and texture to your drawings.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Then, to finish Level 3, I’ll have you choose a piece of fruit as your reference and apply the new blending and detail strategies you just learned in a new drawing…


And I guarantee you’ll see an entirely new level of vibrancy and realism in your finished artwork!


But of course, we won’t stop there!  Next, it’s time to add even more detail and realism to your drawings 

by learning…

Level 4: Advanced Drawing Strategies

As we move onto Level 4, it’s time to bring it all together by adding even more realistic texture and details to a landscape project of your choice.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

By the end of Level 4, you’ll now be able to render 

some of the most challenging textures and details in ANY reference and draw them with near “Photo quality” realism.


Now it’s time to move on to even more challenging references…

Level 5: Drawing Amazing Animals

Up until this point, we’ve mainly focused on drawing inanimate objects and nature.


But in Level 5, it’s time to up your game and learn how to draw one of the most challenging subject matters:  Animals!


Here’s some of what you’ll learn to make your drawings appear more “alive”:

After Level 5 you’ll now understand why some animal and human drawings look dull and drab, and know exactly how to make sure yours come to life!


Plus you’ll have a bunch of new texture and detail techniques you can use as we move onto the most challenging type of references in…

Level 6: Drawing Perfect Portraits

Now it’s time to get serious!


In Level 6, we’ll integrate all the techniques we’ve learned so far and apply them to drawing super realistic portraits.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

By the end of Level 6, you’ll now be able to incorporate all the techniques you’ve learned throughout the course to confidently draw any portrait reference – even if it has lots of complex details and textures!


In the final level we’ll show you how to apply everything that you’ve learned so you can…

Conclusion: Draw ANY Reference Realistically

You’ve done it!


You now have the skills to create drawings that are as realistic as anything you’ll find on YouTube or Instagram – Making the drawing process much more enjoyable and rewarding.


This final level will help you bring it all together and help you break-free from ever needing an art 

tutorial again.  


Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Boom!  By the time you finish Level 7, you’ll now have the confidence and ability to pick any reference you want and know exactly how to draw it!


You’ll no longer have to waste hours searching online for an art tutorial that resembles your reference or feel stuck drawing images you’re not excited about.


Instead, you’ll have the skillset to turn whatever you want into a realistic masterpiece.

I honestly don’t think my artwork would have improved if I didn’t find Kirsty’s

course, as I would never have known any of the skills I now know.

 Chanelle Plant

I joined Kirsty’s course a couple of months ago, and not only have my skills

developed, but also my confidence!

 Kim Squires

I honestly don’t think my artwork would have improved if I didn’t find Kirsty’s

course, as I would never have known any of the skills I now know.

 Melanie Friedman


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The “Where To Start” Flow

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To make this course as comprehensive as possible, I’m also including these special limited time bonuses, yours free when you join today!


First you’ll get my “Where to Start” Flow Chart, which gives you a step by step breakdown of
how to start ANY new drawing.


Helping you pick the right colours, choose
which layer to draw first, and even when to
add the details!


So that whenever you start a new drawing,
instead of thinking “Where do I start?!”…


All you’ll need to do is quickly scan through this flow chart and immediately know where to begin. (With “shownotes” connecting each layer to videos inside the course)


But the only way to get this FREE Flow Chart is by joining The Coloured Pencil Academy during this special launch!

The Colour Wheel
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When you join today, you’ll also gain access to The Colour Wheel Cheat Sheet.


This Cheat Sheet includes some of my most
often used “colour recipes” for skin, fur, hair,
and foliage…


So whether you’re drawing a challenging reference with unique skin tones, or you’re short on a pencil and need to figure out how to blend colours to match…


You’ll have an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to pick the right colours to match your reference.


I use this EVERY time I start a new drawing, and you’ll get it FREE when you join The Coloured Pencil Academy during this special launch!

The Coloured Pencil Academy IP Facebook Group ($197 Value)

And finally, when you join today, you’ll also gain lifetime access to my private Coloured Pencil Academy Facebook group.


Not sure how to find the right colour to match your reference?  Want feedback on one of 

your drawings?


Just head on over to the CPA Facebook group and ask me and your fellow classmates 

for feedback!


But the ONLY way to gain access to this exclusive community is by joining The Coloured Pencil Academy before this special launch is over!

Let Me Help You Upgrade Your Drawings Holding Your Hand Every Step Of The Way

I strongly believe The Coloured Pencil Academy is the most comprehensive coloured pencil drawing course online.


And when you add in the private Facebook group, the cheat sheets, flow charts – PLUS the VIP Upgrades with direct access to me in the LIVE Art Classes…


You literally have everything you need to finally level up your drawing skills and create beautiful, realistic coloured pencil drawings that you can be proud of. (And have a lot of fun doing it!)


On top that, I believe in this course so much, I’m also including a no 

questions asked…

30 Day Money-Back “Art Gift” Guarantee

This gives you a full month to try out the course, apply what you learn in multiple new drawings…


And if you don’t see a tangible difference in your artwork, if you don’t have a new-found confidence and excitement every time you start a new piece…


If, after 30 days, you’re not so proud of your new drawings that you’d be excited to give them to a friend or family member as a gift, I’ll send you 100% of your money back!


No questions asked, no hoops to jump through.  


Just make an honest attempt at the program, and I will literally guarantee you take a huge step forward in your drawing skills.

The Time To Get Started Is NOW!

With my 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee, you literally have no risk! 


But you must get on this now, because this limited-time offer, with all the bonuses and special price, is only available for a few more days.


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So choose your package below and click the pink button to join me inside!


You’ll instantly be redirected to the checkout page, where you can enter your credit card details with 100% secured 32-bit encryption. 


Followed by immediate access to the Private Members area, where you can start watching the intro video 

right away!

The Choice Is Yours

After over a decade of drawing, I can confidently say there are few things in life as rewarding as choosing a challenging reference – And being able to create a finished drawing that looks nearly identical to the reference you choose.


Now it’s your turn to have this incredible skillset! I’d love to be your guide along the way.


Instead of wasting hours (or even years!) making the same mistakes, this is your shortcut to success.


It all starts by choosing your package, and let’s get to started taking your drawings to the next level!

Kirsty Partridge

Creator of The Coloured Pencil Academy

Founder of Kirsty Partridge Art

Let’s Recap Everything You Get:

You Get It All Today For:


(Or 3 Payments of $119)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from your YouTube videos or Patreon? This course is designed to be a comprehensive drawing program, where each level builds off of the last so that you’ll never need another art tutorial or video again. On YouTube you’d have to sift through years of videos and only scratch the surface on what’s included in this course.

Will I need to buy a bunch of new expensive art supplies to go through
this course?


NO! In the very first level I’ll show you how you can complete the entire course with only a 12 pencil set. As well as giving you a list of supplementary supplies that you can buy as you get addicted to drawing. 🙂

What if I don’t have a lot of free time to draw?


That’s fine! I made sure that no video was more than 15 minutes long, and each level includes it’s own simple project.


This way you can start and stop the program whenever you’d like, and use it as a reference if you need a quick refresh on a skill or technique.

How am I going to receive this course?

After purchasing you will receive an email that includes login details and a link to sign into a private members area that houses all the videos.

You’ll also receive a separate link to join the Private Facebook group that also includes the details for your first LIVE art class with me!

Once I enroll in the course, will the videos go away after a certain time?


Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access to The Coloured Pencil Academy videos. We’ve created a custom learning platform on our own server so that you’ll never lose access to all the training videos, bonuses, and the private Facebook group (As well as any future materials I may add to the course down the road)

Do you have a payment plan?


Currently we are not offering any payment plans.

Can I sign up for this course later or is there a deadline?


The Coloured Pencil Academy is currently open for enrollment, but I do take courses down from time to time to update them.  On top of that, you will NEVER be able to gain access to the course with all the bonuses at this price point once the special launch period is over.

Can I get my money back if I’m not happy with The Coloured Pencil Academy?


Yes! That’s why I created my 30 Day Money Back “Art Gift” Guarantee.


Here’s how it works: Join the program, and if you don’t see a tangible difference in your drawings by the end of the course, you can get your money back! Just shoot my team a message and we’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund.

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